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Live Your Truth with Celeste Du Toit


The journey of awakening and of liberating your authentic Self, is a courageous and empowering process.

To unlock our highest potential with confidence, clarity, and vitality, we need to change sabotaging and limiting beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck.

Stuck energy creates blockages, disharmony, and illness, impacting all aspects of our lives. Often this is unseen or deeply buried, originating from childhood conditioning, belief systems, trauma, ancestral patterns, or even soul contracts.

Our work is to help you to identify, un-do, and release these limitations so you can find flow, perspective, power, and healing, and embody your soul’s highest purpose.

So, let’s dive in!



Holistic Transformation for Mental, Emotional,
Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

I use a variety of modalities to create insights, help shift, and support change in your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, regardless of circumstantial challenges. Offered face-to-face or where practical, online.


Coaching & Constellation Therapy

NLP transformational Life Coaching, archetypal and shadow-work, and powerful questioning, Family and System Constellations.

Energy Healing, Bodywork & Massage 

KaHuna Bodywork and Massage, Reiki and Energy Balancing for an even deeper level of healing, balance, and well-being.

Motivational Speaking, Facilitation

To inspire, educate and uplift. Perfect for women’s events, morning teas, conferences, corporates and organizations.

Programs, Workshops & Retreats

Self-awareness and empowerment coaching programs for the individual, teams and corporates. Groups, retreats, self-paced or individually tailored.

Hello, and Welcome!

I’m Celeste. It is my mission and greatest pleasure to guide you to discover, unlock and nurture your passion and potential to live with confidence, clarity, and vitality.

Based in KZN, South Africa, I serve clients locally, nationally, and abroad. People describe me as a respected thought leader, grounded guide, and an intuitive and wise therapist.

I believe in holistic wellness and the alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit, and endeavour to live my most truthful life with ease, strength and grace, and to fully embody my soul’s purpose. 

The ancient poet and mystic Rumi said: “As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears”

Why Change, and why NOW?

We are experiencing unprecedented challenging times. Our physical, financial, emotional, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing is being threatened.

As our planetary and human consciousness are evolving to higher levels, the unhealed parts within us and around us are coming up to be seen and to be healed. Now is the time to look deep within, and to take personal responsibility for your freedom of choice to continue to create the life you are destined to live.

I’d love for you to get in touch to support you through this. My approach is holistic and body-centered to help identify and change beliefs and patterns that may be keeping you stuck, so you can fully Live Your Truth.

Why work with me?

Does this sound like you?
– You realize more than ever what is important in life and want to focus on that…
– Perhaps you’ve had enough and want to make sustainable changes for yourself…
– Maybe you want embody and express more consciousness and love in the world…
– Or you realize you think and live differently to most other people…
– You place a high value on your holistic wellbeing.
– And you want to do better than you have done yesterday.
– But perhaps you feel confused, frustrated, a bit lost, maybe even hopeless…

If you do, you’re like many of my clients. I work best with people who take responsibility for their wellness, but who may need support, guidance, or sometimes, even a little push. So I’d love to hear from you.

My Approach

During an initial session, you have the opportunity to assess if you can relate to my style of working. Together we map out where you are, what might be holding you back, your patterns, thought patterns, and behaviour (including the “hidden” and ancestral ones). We also agree on what modalities would work best for you, and what you resonate with.

I will show you ways to take self-responsibility, give you tools, and empower you. Lasting change and empowerment remain your responsibility though.

You always remain in charge, and whilst I might challenge you to look deeper within, I honour your free will in your life journey. Yet I will always strive, with your permission, to mirror your potential blind spots to you. 

Stories, Lessons, and Inspirational Content

The Closet Wild Woman

    They are everywhere. Women wanting to be wild. Women claiming to be wild. Women who are wild. Women…

When I started the life coaching sessions I soon realised that it was not quite what I thought it would be – it ended up being so much better. The process enabled me to discover a lot of new things about myself, I learnt techniques for managing myself during challenging times and it enabled me to view life from a different perspective. I got the change I wanted without a recipe but through tools and discovery.

~Susan, Pretoria

I have gained so much clarity and insight in my life and I owe it all to you and your guidance.

I am for the first time learning to love and respect myself and am on my way to developing myself and embracing life as a journey. The awareness you have enabled me to see is one the greatest gifts I could have received in my time of need.

~Steve, KZN

Dear Celeste. Working with you has given me a whole new perspective on life. You have effortlessly opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities.  Thank you for all your insight, guidance and for being such an inspiration. God bless.

~Sharon, KZN

I have been attending regular coaching, floor and massage sessions with Celeste. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful my coaching, floor and massage sessions with Celeste has been.  It has helped me tremendously. It is always such a pleasure to be in Celeste’s company and space!

Liz, Durban

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